Business Intelligence Product

Insight is a Business Intelligence product designed and developed specifically to work as an advanced visualization tool to serve as an outlet for disseminating data and providing information for planning/resource allocation. Insight is intended to be used as a single source for viewing data and providing reports for public data. The system provides a public facing website where users from state agencies and external interested parties (nonprofits, health entities, and private parties) can access state data. The platform helps provide transparency, significantly reducing the reporting burden on internal state employees.

Trajectus Insight can “talk” to any Business Intelligence reporting platform to provide better visualization of customer report data. Trajectus Insight can integrate data from multiple BI platforms and users can utilize different data sources to compare data. Insight is not a BI tool for creating reports.

Trajectus Insight has been developed as a very secure and easily manageable tool. The tool accesses through URLs over HTTP or HTTPs protocols. Insight is a web application developed utilizing advanced Java technologies. The software can be hosted on internal servers or on the cloud.

Initially designed for the State of New Hampshire, Insight is not being made available for other states. The goal is to continue to contribute to the product, while providing State governments an affordable solution to support transparency and to continue to reduce state reporting costs.

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Functional area and Technologies used:

Learning Management Software

We created the Learning Management Software (LMS) named Augie. Augie is the engine that runs an online learning and assessment software delivered in SaaS on the cloud. Augie allows users to prepare questions, exams, and lessons, and deliver them via the internet.

Integrated Video, Audio, Multilanguage support, and Chat are functional features of the software. Augie is powered by a Big Data Analytics engine to provide a robust range of Key Performance Indicators for student and teacher assessment. Performance can be measured across various dimensions such as Bloom’s taxonomy factors, country/state standards, subjects, topics, grade, severity level and question patterns.

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CMS Solutions

Real Estate is a dynamic industry and requires a clear vision on the representation of the realtor, constantly changing listings, and content that requires frequent updates. Trajectus builds CMS websites for a Real Estate Technology company in Portland, Oregon.

Applicant Tracking System

Staffing is a dynamic industry and there are numerous ATS options in the market. This product required an immense amount of functionality, scalability, and high performance. The product must maintain a candidate management system, a complex interface for gathering requirements, recruiting software, E-recruitment, Human Resource aspects, billing, time card information, parsing support, semantic search capabilities, a robust database, optimization sourcing aspects, and incorporates analytics to maintain records on all business aspects for reporting.