Cloud Based e-prescription

To deliver High-Quality, Cost-Effective software solutions, On-Time, efficiently that meets our clients' business goals.

About Trajectus

Trajectus is a global software services company, headquartered in Michigan, USA. We have development centres both On-Shore and Off-Shore. We specialize in Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Custom Development, Application Modernization and Testing Services. We understand great software is a confluence of Business Goals, Engineering, Design, and Programming. We approach software challenges with the idea of engineering the best solution, utilizing the best technologies, to solve a business goal.

Case Studies

Business Challenge

Client Health wanted to enhance its EHR platform – Prescription Application, and Prescription platform – Application by making it more user-friendly, customer-centric, secured, and by incorporating industry best practices. Given its expertise in application re-engineering, mobile applications, and healthcare IT, Trajectus was selected to improve the applications.

The challenge brought to Trajectus was to gather the requirements with a Merit-Based incentive payment system (MIPS) as core functionality while maintaining data for US regulatory acts for the year 2021. Another key challenge was to manage patient flow and charting to e-prescribing, note-taking, and run from a Cloud environment.


To maximize the efficiency of the enhancement process and envisage all the potential risks, Trajectus managed the entire project from the pre-development stage to the final release. Behind the modernization, several stages were backing up Prescription Application, and Application platforms. Trajectus provided architecture and solution mapping based on Client-specific user cases such as US regulatory compliance, HIPPA requirements, and securing data and access. Specifically, Trajectus’ was tasked with:

  • Designing use case workflow that meets regulations such as HIPPA privacy rule.
  • Providing roadmap for phased solution including enhancement requirements, additional FDA approvals workflows, and authentication and authorization processes for records/logs


Trajectus’ approach harnessed the best of Client applications, making both, Prescription Application, and Application run flawlessly as a component of a modern, cloud-based digital foundation that is reliable, easy, and cost-effective to maintain. The client gained HIPPA compliance within 8 months after Trajectus got involved, something that took them over a year previously. Client Health is able to centrally manage patient records, integrate prescriptions views and billing easily. Key benefits include

  • 40% improvement in user satisfaction index
  • 30% improvement in efficiency, per patient
  • Improved product quality and processes
  • Lower bug density

Technologies We Use

  • Front-End – .Net MVC, CSS, HTML 5.0, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Middle Layer – .NET core, Angular, JS, Win forms
  • Database – SQL Server
  • Bug Tracking – JIRA