Database and Cloud Services

To deliver High-Quality, Cost-Effective software solutions, On-Time, efficiently that meets our clients' business goals.

Project Details

JMG views quality of care and data integrity issues not as a problem but an opportunity to assist health plans, providers and facilities improve rates and ultimately provide better health care to their members and clients.

Case Studies

Business Challenge

JMG wanted to own their own cloud environment managed by JMG. Apart from this, JMG wanted to have the ability to intake customer data into a secure HIPAA environment within which JMG can properly maintain, correlate, and clean the data in preparation for additional chases analysis.


Trajectus provided below scope

  • Create a JMG HIPAA Cloud server and database for provider, patient, and chase information. This includes a flat file repository for uploads and backups of data files provided by current and past customers.
  • Web interface for CRUD of new provider, patient, and chase database, customer information, users, roles, and privileges.
  • Web interface for manually correcting all data inconsistencies that we not fixed by the correction logic.
  • Provide a status UI for JMG to be able to quickly understand the state of various customer data
  • Provide 2-3 initial reports.
  • Create database backup strategy for redundancy.
  • Create technical documentation and private GITHUB for source code maintenance.

Technologies We Use

  • Bug Tracking – Target process.
  • Database - SQL Server.
  • Front-End – .Net MVC, CSS, HTML 5.0, Bootstrap, jQuery.
  • Middle Layer - .NET Framework 4.5, C#.
  • Project Management – Target process, Team Foundation Server (TFS).