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Project Details

Trajectus Insight (Dashboard & Performance Management System to Improve Public Health)

Case Studies


DPHS wanted to create a dashboard to understand the overall population health as well as the performance of individual programs within the Division. Some of the challenges were:
  • DPHS utilizes IBM Cognos as its BI Reporting platform.
  • Local Public Health Entities and New Hampshire Health Organizations utilize the DPHS data for reporting purposes. The organization was dealing with 100’s of reports.
  • After obtaining reports, users were unable to manipulate data parameters. This resulted in additional requirements on the SNH DHPS Cognos team.
  • Data was not able to meaningfully organize on one platform. Legacy reporting was costly and time consuming with current applications.


Two Modules were created as part of Solution:
  • The Performance Management Module: Allows module creation, enabling users to enter/edit, review data on Goals/Objectives, Indicator Info, Activities, Source Data Information, Programs, Bureaus, Sections, and Partners. Content can be arranged into topics which show the related risk, outcome, and performance indicators.
  • The Dashboarding Module: Content to be organized based on the needs of users and allows users to control one or more pieces of content simultaneously. Content can be viewed for specific geographic, demographic, or socioeconomic communities. Information can be compared across many communities.


  • 85% Data available online for access to Public Viewing
  • 90% improvement in Data Reporting
  • $100,000 - Yearly Savings in Software Upgrade Costs

Technologies We Use

  • GWT, Java, Spring, Oracle database on Linux platform