Managed Services

To deliver High-Quality, Cost-Effective software solutions, On-Time, efficiently that meets our clients' business goals.

Why Managed Services?

A managed services can:
  • Provide more capability to your company end-users
  • Allow in-house IT to focus on more strategic IT programs
  • Free your team to focus on your business’ core competencies
Trajectus provides service called as Managed Service Provider (MSP). Under MSP we do
  • End- End user Services
  • Infrastructure support
  • Cloud services
  • Information security Services
  • Technical support

Top benefits of Managed service:

1. Proactive, Rapid Software Management

Our MSP can devote its full attention to solution, allowing for proactive monitoring rather than reactive fixes. This way, customers can get ahead of issues before they get out of hand and become serious problems. MSP also offer on-demand support with fast response times, so customer issues can be resolved with minimal wait time.

2. Access to a Single Point of Expert Contact

Trajectus MSP offer a team of experts led by a single customer success manager (CSM). CSM will act as a reliable point of contact when issues come up. And when the CSM is out of the office, you can count on your managed services provider to have an established secondary contact ready to assist. This relationship allows to provide personalized service to trust.

3. Scale as Needed with Ease

We help customers scale to accommodate new needs. We also ease customers to scale down resources when they’re no longer necessary. Trajectus MSP also make it easier for customers to update, expand, and implement the latest technologies to fit changing needs.

4. Lower Labor Costs and Minimize Expensive Network Downtime

We offer a predictable, fixed cost for maintenance activities while giving customer the ownership of tools.

5. Data Compliance

We can take over compliance and auditing to keep clients on top of data security regulations.
By contrast, Our MSP is highly efficient in delivering IT services in a way that keeps costs low and the time to deploy short while providing a high-quality service to the business.

Future-proofing IT services

Trajectus as expert in managed service provider, we can implement the latest and upcoming technologies to improve business processes. With deep expertise in AWS cloud services, our team can help you address a wide range of cloud-based requirements.
We as MSP will always have their staff trained on upcoming and new releases as well as new technologies with the ability to lock-in costs for a multi-year period. By creating more predictability, your business will reduce operational risk and challenges and minimize service disruption.