Web Development

To deliver High-Quality, Cost-Effective software solutions, On-Time, efficiently that meets our clients' business goals.

Case Studies


IQ Reseller has approached Trajectus to perform WordPress Customization of the IQ Reseller application and enhance its performance.


Trajectus proposed achieving the IQ Reseller objectives adopting the below approach:
  • Phase 1: Build a Client Vendor Integration to our Database and Connection to the proper IQ reseller Tenant.
  • Phase 2: Build an Asset Report.
  • Phase 3: Build a Data Destruction Report.
  • Phase 4: Build a custom form that will allow the WordPress user to create a Purchase Proposal from the API.
  • Phase 5: Package the above phased project into a WordPress plugin package.


  • 92% better data management.
  • 82% improvement in faster decision making.
  • 80% accuracy in data reporting.

Technologies We Use

  • Development: PHP, WordPress, HTML 5, CSS
  • Database: MySQL