Who We Work With

Independent Software Vendors

Trajectus supports many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). We deliver services that work directly in conjunction with our clients' ever-changing needs. We understand any Intellectual Property is your property and will sign non-Disclosure agreements to protect your IP.

Independent Software Vendors utilize our services for many reasons including:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Talent
  • Minimized Risk
  • Speed to Market
  • Maintaining Internal Staff’s Focus on Key Projects
  • Flexibility
  • A company, not a single resource
  • Round the clock development
  • To remain competitive

Some of the key business challenges that Trajectus solve:

  • Fix bugs, product improvement.
  • Re-engineering needs such as porting, migration, legacy systems, SaaS, and Cloud.
  • Managing product quality including regression, testing, reliability.
  • Solving issues associated with user growth by providing performance, scalability, and architectural upgrades.
  • End user Implementations and Product Customizations.
  • Accessibility across multiple devices.

Competitive IT Projects

Trajectus is adept at delivering IT project work through Managed Service Provider / Vendor Management Systems and E-Procurement Portals. We separated from a larger company, Abacus, which had extensive experience within the MSP/VMS domain and won several awards for its performance. Trajectus maintains process efficiency and competitiveness to fulfill IT project work within these programs. For well-defined projects, our goal is to provide proposals within 3-4 business days.

24 Hour Project Analysis

24 Hour Project Analysis – Our streamlined delivery process ensures team will analyse project requirements within 24 hours.

Questions posed to client

Questions posed to client - Upon reviewing the proposal, we will present our clarification questions within 24 hours.


Proposal provided 48 hours after questions answered.

Custom Business Requirements

Trajectus can support any business with custom software development requirements. Companies often require custom software that provides functionality that consumer off the shelf software doesn’t. Businesses have operational flows which are unique to their entity. We can build these solutions. Software that is tailored for your business can become a differentiating driver for your business. Custom software can allow your organization to work more efficiently, communicate better, provide better quality control, increase profitability, lower costs, and gain market share. We can also help modernize legacy systems to improve their performance in modern computing environments.

We provide business analysis assistance, requirement funnelling, customized design and development, innovations and automated solutions, end-to-end testing solutions and software implementation services. Our team of business analysts and integrators will employ the best and widely adopted techniques of gathering core requirements. The team will analyse the gathered core requirements and then create a roadmap in association with the solution architect to create a customized solution as per customer requirements. Upon understanding our clients’ core requirements, we utilize a flexible, highly productive development methodology to provide affordable solutions which satisfy our clients' business objectives.