Cloud Based e-prescription

EHR – Electronic health records

Today EHR software is beyond basic record management. With helpful practice and revenue management tools, EHR is turning into a comprehensive clinic management system. Trajectuc has in-house skillset in developing eHR system clinical for most healthcare areas including hospitals, clinics, labs, primary care, and e-prescription, among other usages.

Case Study

Business Challenge :

Client wanted to enhance its eHR platform which covered all prescription management. Their application needed to be modernized, become user-friendly by reducing complex steps, be customer-centric with comprehensive views, and be highly secured using industry standards.

Trajectus was asked to gather requirements using a Merit-Based incentive payment system (MIPS) as the application’s core function, while maintaining data-integrity for US regulatory compliance. The other key challenge was to automate patient data flow and charting to e-prescription and patient notes, all from a Cloud environment and accessible from any mobile devices.

Solution :

Trajectus used Agile Methodologies and CI/CD approach to maximize development efficiency and eliminate potential risks. In parallel to deploying the new modern applications, client needed the existing system to be coordinated and running in production as critical functions such as Prescription and Patient data to daily operations. Trajectus provided a seamless architecture and solution, while meeting US regulatory compliance, HIPPA requirements, securing data and access, all at the same time. Specifically, Trajectus successfully completed :

  • Design of use cases and workflows that met HIPPA privacy rule.
  • Provided roadmap for phased deployment including feature enhancements, additional FDA approvals/workflows, and authentication and authorization processes for records/logs keeping.

Results :

Trajectus’ delivered a modern eHR application that provided was cloud-based, easy, and cost-effective to maintain. The client gained HIPPA compliance within 8 months after Trajectus got involved, a process that previously took over a year. The application, Client Health, is now able to centrally manage patient records, integrate prescriptions, view history, and incorporate billing, easily. Additional benefits :

  • 40% improvement in user satisfaction index
  • 30% improvement in efficiency, per patient
  • 360 view of customer data including prescription and historical notes
Tech Stack Used
  • Front-End – .Net MVC, CSS, HTML 5.0, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Middle Layer – .NET core, Angular, JS, Win forms
  • Database – SQL Server
  • Bug Tracking – JIRA