Project Details

Legacy Application Modernization

Case Study

Challenges :

  • Present application was built on Visual Basic.
  • The primary concern was to make sure that the software can be run on either local machines or on servers.
  • Run the application at several locations, use of SaaS product and facility to transfer bookings between locations.

Solution :

  • Development of a web-based application using Microsoft technology that can be deployed on 64-bit architecture.
  • Formalizing a complete roadmap for the development of the new sustainable web-based application to answer the client’s business requirements.
  • Assess and determine if the current application architecture and code can be used to complete the proposed application development and deployment.
  • Provide broad software development expertise spanning all aspects of the SDLC to help rapidly develop and deploy PTS application.

Benefits :

  • 95% improvement in Application performance.
  • 80% improvement in customers reach for the client.
  • 90% enhancement in User-Interface and User-Experience.
  • New Web-Application development with enhanced functionality to meet business goals.
  • Multi-location Management.
Tech Stack Used
  • Database: MySQL
  • Development – Visual Studio, .NET MVC 5.0, .NET LINQ, HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, jQuery, JSON, Web API