Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management

Use Supply Chain Management to help your business coordinate operations in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and production.

Trajectus ERP systems are primed with a state-of-the-art supply chain management module that helps you handle all aspects of procurement, sales and logistics with ease and efficiency. Our custom SCM module would also assist you in managing supplier relationships and assessing risks through its analytics tools and reporting capabilities. This module could be easily incorporated with financials for instant data synchronization and prevention of data duplication.

Case Study

Business Challenge :

The Street food client investigated that the company’s increasing production costs’ and concluded that the distribution network was the start of their problems. As a result, the company reviewed how it could redesign the network to optimize production costs’. It quickly became apparent that although a redesign would yield some benefits, the most significant issue was in demand forecasting. Street food was using a manual forecasting approach, with spreadsheets.

Solution :

Trajectus helped customer evaluate 30 different software solutions and implemented on a supply chain planning suite and planned its rolled-out in phases so that the customer can see process and cost improvements in each stage. This allowed ROI to be realized in weeks as each module was implemented and leveraged. In parallel, Trajectus also implemented a sales and operations planning program (S&OP) that, once established, enabled plant resource requirements to be future forecasted accurately.

Results :

Client has announced the following wins :

  • A 15% to 20% increase in forecasting accuracy
  • A reduction in overtime from 25% to 8% in production facilities
  • A 30% reduction in finished-goods spoilage
  • Reduced the number of warehouses in the United States from 28 to just 8.
Tech Stack Used
  • React JS
  • Node JS
  • SQL
  • AWS
  • Power BI