Discussion and Brainstorming

After gathering the requirements of our client, the Trajectus team will brainstorm and discuss ideas and techniques to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Trajectus team members will :
  • Describe and define the objective
  • Suggest and Brainstorm ideas
  • Analyse and elaborate the solution
  • Apply and Innovate

Requirement and Scope Finalization

During the requirement and scope finalization stage, we’ll include the requirement definition document and requirement specification document which will include the following :

  • Economical – Cost/benefit analysis
  • Technical – Hardware/software, resource
  • Alternatives – We'll provide you different options
This is the standard process we follow :
  • Planning – We use Agile project management methodology
  • Definition – Identifying, understanding, and prioritizing the needs and expectations of project stakeholders
  • WBS – Work Breakdown Structure – We’ll divide the requirement into tasks or sprints along with specific timelines
  • Controlling - We’ll control and monitor progress with documenting, tracking, disapproving/ approving project changes

Project Execution Model

The project execution is divided into input, tool or techniques, and outputs.

  • Input
    • Project management plan
    • Approved corrective & preventing action
    • Approved change request
    • Closure procedure
  • Tools or Techniques
    • Project Management methodology – Agile, ITIL, CMMI
    • Project management information system
  • Output
    • Deliverables
    • Requested changes
    • Implemented changes and corrective actions
    • Implemented preventive and corrective actions
    • Work performance information

SOW Initiate Project

Trajectus defines project-specific activities, deliverables, and timelines for a vendor/stakeholder providing services to the client. The SOW typically also includes detailed requirements and pricing, with standard governance terms and conditions.

We address :
  • Purpose/Scope – We’ll describe the work to be done in a technical manner, as well as define software and hardware requirements along with reasoning behind development.
  • Timelines/Baselines – We’ll define the total efforts allocated for the project, including development and maintenance time.
  • Delivery Schedule – We’ll specify the start date and end date/due date for delivery of the project

Documentation and Planning

Documentation - Trajectus provides a practical approach to managing and preparing the documentation necessary for implementing any system. Documentation includes a feasibility report, technical documentation, operational documentation, logbook, etc.

Trajectus provides the following software and hardware documents :
  • Software document
    • Software requirement document
    • Business requirement document
    • Functional and non-functional requirement document
    • Change/Enhance management document
    • Bug tracking, UAT
  • Hardware document
    • Service Catalog and Service Portfolio (ITIL)
    • Network, IT System
  • Trajectus planning process
    • Defines the requirement
    • Defines the cost estimates
    • Defines the risk
    • Defines the resource requirement
    • Breakdown the process
    • Defines timeline/schedule

Design and Development

How will Trajectus create the front end and back-end design?

We use different tools to create the cleanest, portable, well-documented design which we need to collaborate with business stakeholders to understand their needs, then translate those into technical requirements and come up with the most effective and efficient solution for architecting the technology. Trajectus is responsible for user facing code and the architecture of its immersive user experiences.

Front end design – Trajectus defines as :
  • The surface – UI/Visual Design
  • The skeleton/blueprint – Wireframe, Visio
  • The structure – Information architecture, defining content
  • The scope – functionality, usefulness, requirements
  • The strategy – Business requirements, goals & aspirations, user needs
Back end – We care about the environment and functionality :
  • Server-side logic of application
  • API structures
  • Web services
  • Database integrations
Development :

We develop for a variety of purposes: most commonly, to meet specific needs of a specific client/business (the case with custom software); to meet a perceived need of some set of potential users in case with commercial and open-source software; and for personal use. We follow the plan to build a sound, stable solution to fit your needs and goals, keeping stakeholders in the know along the way. Concepts, designs, strategy, and blueprints become a reality in the development phase. Using the tools, platform, and resources outlined in the design document, the project team acts on the plan detailed in the prior phase.

Monitor the Progress

As the project changes, we’ll monitor progress throughout sprints to ensure that the project is progressing successfully and without risk.

  • Trajectus follows the below sprint plan :
    • Create the project plan along with baseline/delivery time
    • Provide the progress information
    • Analyse the result
    • Produce Reports
    • Scrum meeting

Quality Assurance & UAT

Trajectus combines expertise, experience, and efficiency to offer end-to-end Testing Services covering conventional, newer testing solutions and next generation testing requirements. We enable customers to improve the quality of their systems, ensure faster time to market and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Trajectus defines the UAT tasks as :
    • Analyse Business Requirement
    • Identify UAT scenario
    • Specifies Test plan
    • Write Test cases
    • Automation Test
    • Record the result
    • Confirm Business requirements are met

Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Trajectus offers development, maintenance, and ongoing support. Continued development may be recommended to ensure that your application remains stable and secure. We can provide backups, uptime monitoring, and temporary fixes to ensure the business is not disturbed.

  • Our Maintenance and Support can include :
    • On call support –24/7 Support
    • Logging/Raising Ticket via Ticketing Tool
    • Chat or online support