Machine Learning

Trained datasets and machine learning models

Trajectus machine learning services offer advanced algorithms to help organizations solve their key business challenges, enabling instant data-driven decision-making and creating innovative business models. Machine Learning does not have to be daunting, we can help you explore the possibilities and deploy AI and ML quickly in areas such as :

  • Anomaly detection
  • Financial Fraud p
  • Spam filtering
  • Opinion reviews/Sentiment Analysis
  • Recommendation engines
  • Sales Forecasting based on multiple seemingly unrelated factors, among many other applications
Case Study

Business Challenge :

A large Enterprise wanted to analyse its annual employee survey which was a manual 3-week effort, automate the reviews from approx. 1 million lines of free-form feedback, and rank the top 5 concerns and sentiments from 136000 employees.

Solution :

Using Topic Modelling, Bi-gram or Tri-gram methodologies to cluster key words, we were able to quickly dissect the large sample of data into thematic topics. We were able to reduce the review processing time of 2 manual resources for 3 weeks down to 3 hours, with a set of topics for EVPs to focus on.

In addition, our machine learning model can be taught to identify likelihood of false negative and false positives, increasing accuracy of Recommendation Engine and Prediction beyond 90%.

Benefits :

The Enterprise company had enough people to do manual work, but the AI/ML engine freed up the highly paid resources to focus on higher deliverables. The company was able to :

  • Automate the annual surveys
  • Reduced processing time to 3 hours instead of 3 weeks
  • Reduce employees dedicated to the reviewing from 2 to zero
  • EVPs able to quickly get reports and focus on top 5 issues via Recommendation Engine and Sentiment Analysis