Managed Services

All-in-one solution to help you sustain, develop and continuously improve your Salesforce environment.

Trajectus Salesforce Managed Services is a proactive approach to help businesses run and manage Salesforce CRM smoothly

Many organizations lack skill depth or resources to regularly review and optimize their CRM, add enhancements, and modernize it with new releases

Salesforce Managed Services from Trajectus addresses these problems and include a comprehensive set of activities from consulting, deployment to expert resources. It is designed to prevent issues before they impact your business operations.

Key Activities provide by Trajectus :

Consulting : Business and process analysis to build a long-term strategy on Salesforce use cases.
Implementation : Deploy other Salesforce Cloud Apps to build new capabilities in your Salesforce environment.
Customizations : Create customized dashboards, reports, campaign setups, etc.
Integration : Integrate your Salesforce environment with third party systems like ERPs, Accounting Packages, and ecommerce solutions, for a wholistic view.
Data Management : Setup of the architecture for data collection and workflows.
Training : Dedicated sessions on best practices and technical directions.
Other Support : Includes system checks, bug fixing, and issue resolutions.

Why Choose Trajectus

  • Readily available Salesforce expert team with complete skillsets at low costs
  • Process Optimization via automation, custom dashboards, real-time reports, data migration and data cleansing.
  • Deploying Salesforce critical updates and new functionalities to keep the instance up to date.
  • Security checks to identify vulnerabilities early and prevent system downtime.
  • Address challenges of hiring and retaining tech resources.
  • Keep your team focused on their core responsibilities.
  • Help in compliance as per industry standards
  • Provide scalability and quick responsiveness to sudden changes in the business environment
  • Drive higher ROI from your Salesforce investments

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