Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Trajectus’s cloud migration services help to reduce engineering resources and migration expenditures, instead will increase productivity with your current investments. With proven methodologies and approaches, our services will help you with hassle-free transformation from on premise to cloud migration and build suitable solutions for your business needs. We have developed Cloud Migration Enabler for quick and easy Cloud - reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Case Study

Client is in the communication industry providing smart connected home automation solutions. The client was facing scalability, performance issues and increasing cost due to legacy architecture and aging equipment. They were also not able to integrate with other digital technologies and providers. The client was force to look for operator-specific deployments that led to higher release cycle time, maintenance, and operational cost.

Solution :

Trajectus developed an end-to-end platform for home automation, integrated with customer devices and peripherals, along with web portals and end-user mobile application. Customer was able to deploy modern applications in the AWS cloud platform, free of legacy issues.

Results :

Client was able to scale past 2 million customers and accelerate its AWS cloud transformation journey for home automation to a comprehensive IoT platform. The modern efficient, secure and scalable device management and provisioning solution saved customer millions of dollars per year, in addition to setting up the foundation for future growth.