IOT and Mobile Development

IOT and Mobile Development

Mobile and IOT app development services to build innovative experiences.

Trajectus can build mobile and IOT applications to spur your company’s growth.

Trajectus’ team of expert software engineers and developers will design and build scalable and reliable mobile and IOT applications to accelerate your business growth. We have powered many B2B applications by integrating modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and others via customized mobile and IOT solutions.

Case Study

Business Challenge :

This Customer provides wired and wireless broadband networks with life cycle service excellence in installation, service delivery and remote support for broadband networks. Customer needed a mobile application with chat as core functionality to address questions and technical issues from end-users. Client wanted an easy application to allow users to connect with their support. The same application would allow back-end escalation and collaboration with 2nd and 3rd tier support. An administrative console would also be needed to automate workflows, ticket resolution and customer feedback.

Solution :

Trajectus developed an interactive mobile application with SSO, ensured privacy and security of user data during chat conversation and immediate back-end support if needed. A back-end Contact Management system was also developed, with multiuser conversations, thereby enabling the customer to reduce support times by half of what it took previously.

Trajectus provided the following :
  • Group notifications through admin.
  • Managing conversations like lock, list and sort.
  • Push notifications through admin.

Results :

Client was able to deploy mobile application within 2 months, allow their users to quickly connect to their support and resolve technical issues quickly. This resulted 50% improvements over previous manual interactions.

Tech Stack Used
  • React Native
  • Flutter