Vending Machine Software

Project Details

The leading provider in rebuilding automatic pedestrian door parts, Addison Automatics Inc. is an Illinois-based firm helping its customers with all their automatic sliding, swinging, and folding door needs. Addison addresses the door problems by supporting a wide variety of door control brands, such as Besam, Dorma, Dor-o-matic, Gyro Tech Nabco, Horton, Keane-Monroe, LCN, R & K, Record, Stanley, and Tormax. Along with door control brands, Addison is also an official distributor of vending machines of several brands.

Case Study

Challenges :

The Client, Addison wanted to develop a multipurpose Vending Machine software that had to be integrated into a touch screen display integrated on the machine instead of regular products. The development of solutions like this requires deep expertise in developing software for Vending Machines as one must know the peculiarities of industrial software from the inside. Trajectus’ experience in software development, expertise in the automation industry, strong communication skills, and transparency about processes, made us the perfect fit for the assignment.

Solution :

Trajectus approached the project using Agile methodology, collaborating with the client’s engineers. Trajectus was tasked with the design, development, testing, and deployment of the application. The SOW was structured into two-week sprints at the end of which we rolled out new functionality. Trajectus collected additional features in a backlog, sorting them by priority. The priorities were set through our sprint-planning meetings with Addison.

To avoid unnecessary costs, we mostly used .Net technology for this project. We also ensured that each functionality could be scaled as the user base grows.

A constructive architecture was built in designing Planograms to add products, refill the machine, and purchase products. High-end test scenarios were designed to find all possible bugs to rectify and resolve complex issues. A prototype was shipped to the development site to understand the practical dependencies while developing the software. Trajectus also developed a robust UI to ensure that the display quality is not scatted under any high-end touch screen.

Result :

Addison received a sophisticated Vending Machine system with a lot of nuances that are not apparent at first glance but that represented a challenge through the development process. We developed a multipurpose stable software under 2 phases with added KIOSK mode. The machine was able to vend products as expected. Responsive UI was developed compatible to touch screen functionality. We implemented demographics, facial recognition, and statistic collection to give respective ads categories. Trajectus enabled The Client to have the vending machine system they desired, ultimately improving the customer experience.
Tech Stack Used
  • Development: MVC, API, HTML, C#, VB.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, Emgu CV, Face⁺⁺, WPF, 360 Rocation, Bar Code, Nayax
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server