Cloud DevOps

How DevOps Leverages the Cloud

A cloud platform allows DevOps teams to adapt to changing requirements and collaborate across distributed enterprise environments. Cloud services and tools also help address some of the limitations of legacy systems, accelerating the development process.

Cloud DevOps solutions are often more cost-effective than on-prem automation solutions. They facilitate governance by unifying the environments and reducing the security burden on teams. The cloud offers greater control and application-specific tools to help DevOps teams maintain components from different locations.

Trajectus DevOps teams can provision and manage cloud resources using code or via an automated infrastructure provisioning service, ensuring your projects maintain the desired momentum. The high level of automation provided by cloud-based DevOps services helps minimize human error and streamlines repeatable tasks.

CloudSecOps (Cloud, Security, and Operations)

SecOps is a merging of security and IT operations in a unified process. Trajectus involves a team that combines skilled software engineers and security analysts that can assess and monitor risk and protect corporate assets. The Trajectus SecOps team typically operates from an organization’s security operations center (SOC).

Database management is often a complex and costly practice that can require several experts and resources to ensure your Oracle database is operating at optimal levels. Trajectus has DBAs with technical expertise to ensure your systems are patched, updated, and monitored proactively and thoroughly before issues impact business operations.

Trajectus CloudSecOps teams have several roles and functions:

  • Incident management
  • Prioritizing events
  • Using security technology
  • Threat hunting
  • Threat hunting
DevOps as a Service

A DevOps as a Service platform enables tracking and management of every action taken in the software delivery process. It enables organizations to set up continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems and pipelines to increase development velocity and provide continuous feedback to developers.

Trajectus team for DevOps as a Service can .automate your complex processes and streamline previously time-consuming manual tasks involved in integration, development, testing or monitoring.

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